WPKG: Software Deployment for Windows

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WPKG is a simple yet powerful tool for software deployments on the windows platform. Configurations for all machines with their deployed applications are stored on one central server. Managing multiple machines is a breeze with WPKG.

In an Active Directory Domain, all that is required to enable WPKG is setting some values in the Domain Group Policies. No special applications must be installed on the client to use WPKG. To get feedback while installing software, Wpkg-GP can be used on the client (this may also be auto-deployed using Group Policies).

If a machine is not a member of an AD Domain, the preferred way to use WPKG is with Wpkg-GP. Wpkg-GP can be configured to run WPKG using either Local or Domain Group Policies.


In my setup I use two Linux shell scripts SoftwareDownload and WpkgUpdate to automatically download new releases of several applications (like Firefox, Adobe Reader, …) and bump the WPKG packages accordingly.

Thus, each machine using WPKG will always get the newest releases without requiring manual intervention.

One day, I may release the shell scripts to the public. In the meantime, feel free to contact me, if you are interested in these scripts.

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