Howto use AutoFS with IPA on Fedora 17

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One of the not so commonly talked about features of Fedora 17 is the integration of AutoFS in SSSD. Support for this feature is available since SSSD 1.8. In combination with an IPA server, it is now a lot easier to setup AutoFS using LDAP for multiple machines.

  • Install the package libsss_autofs.
  • Tell SSSD to use AutoFS. Add the line autofs_provider = ipa to the [domain] section in sssd.conf. Ensure, that autofs is listed in services.
  • Enable AutoFS resolution using SSSD by setting automount: files sss in nsswitch.conf.

To start using this setup, restart SSSD and AutoFS. If not already done, you should also set AutoFS to start on boot.

This is all that is required. There is no need to manually specify any LDAP search path or connection string.

All that is left to do, is configuring AutoFS within IPA. See this guide.


IPA, AutoFS, SSSD, Fedora