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For several years I’ve been a loyal user of Liferea, the Linux Feedreader. Today I tried Tiny Tiny RSS (tt-rss), an online feedreader written in PHP. All I can say, is Wow! It has all the features I am accustomed from Liferea and adds a bunch more.

The best of all is an additional Android App, that can connect to your tt-rss profile.

Personally I never tried Google Reader. It may have better integration with Android and also may have more features, but I do not like to store all of my data with Google. Having multiple password protected feeds, I shudder at the idea of storing this information in the cloud. Using tt-rss this is no problem at all, as it can be self-hosted in your own personal cloud.

Now the not so shiny side of tt-rss:

  • It does not cope well with Kerberos authentication in Apache. First the DB Schema must be adjusted and second all tested Android Apps need both normal and HTTP Login data specified to be able to connect with Kerberos. Using solely the browser works perfectly fine though.

    – edit:
    This issue is resolved. See

  • It fails to parse RSS feeds with partially invalid XML definitions. Liferea is more graceful in this scenario as it still displays such a feed (e.g. Planet Sabayon). (Maybe this is a bug in the MagpieRSS parser and the feed actually does not contain an error. I didn’t investigate further.)

    – edit 2012-01-12
    As I just discovered, it is also possible to access tt-rss from Liferea (see One thing that can be improved is, that subscribed feeds will only be displayed in a flat list, i.e. without categories. Overall, a great feature of Liferea. And the best: no more high CPU usage of Liferea during feed updates!

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